From diagnosis to learning to live with Fibromyalgia

Health Matters 101

Yes, yesterday it seemed I would only be able to blog once a week but I think this blog will become cathartic with my illness.

Even though I have worked in the health profession all my working life, when we are heathy we never realise just what we have.

Today is one month since my diagnosis although I have probably been suffering for many years previously. I staggered out of that hospital I did not want to believe what the consultant said to be true.

She did say with knowledge, I will be able to help myself and improve. Unfortunately the more I read as previously mentioned the more over whelmed I felt. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there.

One I do not agree with, is the no coffee, tea, chocolate or alcohol! A ban on caffeine!  Sorry! Unless the bigwigs can guarantee that I will have no more pain, no headaches, no upset stomachs, no more limping because your leg is full of pins and needles then no!  Bring me the Double blind Randomised trial with the evidence then I might consider it.

I have always believed in moderation and a little bit of what you enjoy will always do more benefit than harm.

I gave up smoking for the last time over 20 years ago, for me the evidence is in, there is not one positive to smoking.

The reasearch is also shouting out at us to enjoy an occasional glass of wine as the heart benefits from it, well I always like to look after my heart.

Fibromyalgia syndrome from what I have read is a lack of serotonin in the brain, it’s that feel good relaxing hormone. Hello!  Chocolate especially the dark stuff of 70% and above in small doses is good for us and raises serotonin levels. That good enough for me, it also means husband will not pinch it out of the fridge as he does not like it.

I will actively seek out all foods that raise my serotonin levels and I will try to lose a few pounds. I am thinking less weight to lug around less pain but we will wait and see.

Over the past few weeks whilst taking the medication, which as a side effect adds weight by the way! I have at times felt I would never have the good days again but most of all I would lose my independence.

Sure there are going to be days when I can’t bend to dry my feet and I fail to cook dinner for my husband, either because I am too exhausted or can’t control my limbs to be safe in the kitchen.

I had a good day yesterday and so far I have had an even better one today! I managed a 30 minute walk with the dogs today and managed to drive by myself to town. I did limp back to the car but it was worth it.

Last night as I was stirring the dinner as it cooked suddenly I could not use my left arm, (I am left-handed) it had become heavy, felt dead and useless, did I give up, NO! I tried to stir with my right and needed to eat right-handed! Try it sometime it is not easy unless your ambidextrous to eat with your other hand.

What I struggle with most, is just how much I can do on a good day, I know I can’t run around like I used to, playing catch up all the time and I am guessing my boundaries will be different all the time.

What have I done to achieve these good days well shortly after I was diagnosed, my husband and I had booked to go the NEC about a 2 to 3 hour drive depending on traffic. We managed to park in the disabled car park and get the bus to the entrance, something I would not normally have done but we wanted to limit the amount of walking and save my poor resources of energy.

After disembarking from the bus and entering the arena, it was not far before the limp became apparent and I was using my husband for support.

Two things happened that day I was spotted limping by a side stand who wear offering massage, I love massage who doesn’t. I tried it, needed help to remove my walking shoes, could not bend or raise my legs far enough. 15 minutes later, the salesman offered for me to walk a short way in front of him and my husband. Do you know what no limp! Yes the pain had not gone, but I could walk normally. He offered for us to come back in an hour and have another treatment. My husband was so pleased we could carry on around the exhibition that we indeed returned on the hour. I had a second treatment, I had less stiffness and pain.

My husband was sold and he very generously bought it for me and as I have a recognised condition  of Fibromyalgia we were able to purchase it VAT free bonus!

The company pulled out the stops and I received my massage bed the following day. Since then every day by one ( my headache was too much for the vibration) I have used it 3 to 4 times a day. Psychological or not I have had 2 good days and that is worth its weight in gold.

Thanks for stopping by on my personal journey! Love to hear your thoughts! Until next time when the fingers allow me to type.



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